Facing Grace with Gloria and Other Stories by William H. Coles


Facing Grace with Gloria and Other Stories was a finalist in The Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction, 2010.

This collection of short stories includes:
“The Gift” A determined mother protects her deformed child from the destructive sympathies of family and society.
“The StonecutterStonecutter's son falls hopelessly in love with a client.
“Facing Grace with Gloria”
A scam artist does good.
“Homunculus” A circus performer falls for a trapeze artist.
“Reddog” A convict fails to charm his last chance at love.
“Captain Withers’s Wife” A desperate wife demands justice.
“The Thirteen Nudes of Ernest Goings” An artist's work has surprising impact.
“Crossing Over” A nursing assistant takes a wrong turn in patient care.
“The Activist” Coming of age while helping a nephew.
“The Perennial Student” An associate professor learns more from his student than he expected.
“The Curse of a Lonely Heart” A dinner party goes awry.
“Suchin’s Escape” A victim of the sex trade finally escapes.


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